Hambleton Begins New Service With Fleet From SFS

2015-08-03 08:00:00

Hambleton District Council has announced that it has awarded Specialist Fleet Services Ltd (SFS) with a 10 year contract to supply and maintain its entire fleet for waste collection, recycling and street cleansing services. This is the third time that the Authority has renewed its contract with SFS, and there is an option to extend for an additional 10 years.

Hambleton District Council collects waste from approximately 40,000 households and has just completed a Waste Services Review to help define its Waste Strategy for the future and improve the service to residents. The findings of the review will be published on www.hambleton.gov.uk.

Paul Staines, Head of Environment Service, Hambleton District Council: “SFS has an excellent track record in helping us keep our waste and recycling fleet running smoothly.  We are rolling out a new service and we are pleased that SFS will be managing our entire fleet including street cleansing and that this will facilitate a seamless transition.”

The first batch of vehicles, five Dennis Eagle Twin Packs, will be delivered in February 2016.  The remaining vehicles; a combination of refuse collection vehicles, sweepers, vans and a mobile crane will be delivered throughout the term of the contract, as and when replacement is required.

Bob Sweetland, Managing Director, SFS said: “It’s great news that Hambleton have chosen us to supply and maintain their fleet for the third time running.  We started working with the Authority in 2007 and we have worked hard to gain a thorough understanding of their operations, which has enabled us to provide a contract that reflects their needs to the last detail.”

SFS is sub-contracting the maintenance for the contract to Dennis Eagle. Geoff Rigg, Aftermarket Director, Dennis Eagle said: “Dennis Eagle has a strong working relationship with SFS that goes back over 20 years, so we are pleased to be working alongside them on this contract to help keep Hambleton’s fleet running smoothly.”

For more information about Specialist Fleet Services tel: 01604 234601, email [email protected] or visit www.sfs.co.uk